Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekend Getaway

Ahhhh, how nice it is to spend time with a girlfriend again!  There's just something so wonderfully familiar about experiencing reciprocal female laughter.  To have somebody to crack a bottle of wine open with, while sharing stories and catching up on life is something I far too often take for granted.  And to do this with someone who walks in similar shoes each day?  The best.  This weekend was exactly what I needed!

While Michael was on the road in Russia, I decided to make the 2 hour venture (by car - my first solo roadtrip!) to visit my girl Acrila in Koszalin.  Michael and her husband, George, both played together there 2 years ago.  I had gone and visited last season for a few days but had not seen their family in a solid year.  It's funny, I figured out on the drive back that it was the exact same weekend the year before that I had paid them a visit.  I guess my soul knew it couldn't survive longer than 365 days without some Acrila in my life.

Acrila and myself 2 years ago, celebrating my 27th birthday.

On our way to the pub on Friday night for a couple of red beers.  The look of shock on the bartender's faces still kills me when we order these here.

It was so nice to be back in a town where we once lived.  But mostly, it was nice to be among friends.  I haven't really connected with anyone from our new city just yet (though stay tuned for a story of a very generous act by a nice gal here) so it was awesome to have some good times and for sure, some easy conversation.  We chatted.  We drank wine.  We danced.  We played airplane with her daughter.  It was truly a lovely time.

Acrila AKA Cleopatra and sweet, little Aila.

So here is the low-down on my friend, Crila.  She's one of these women who, and I know this for a fact, without even trying makes those around her a better person.  She is good vibes from sun up to sun down and I always take a little piece of that away with me when I leave.  She's a great wife.  An even better mom.  And one of the most solid friends I've made during our journey overseas.

The last night I was there we were invited to a costume party.  It was probably my favorite "Polish" memory, in terms of atmosphere and local people, to date.  What started out as a silly dinner party 10 years ago in her friend Izabella's home, is now an annual event for a group of 150+ people.  Not only had this group of folks' friendships survived a decade, but their love of life was seemingly stronger than ever, not to mention, completely contagious.

Check out some of the pictures below and enjoy Poland's version of karaoke at its finest!!

 This woman had moves like I'd never seen.

This dude was talking crazy all night - but gave me some wonderful insight into the world of Polish micro-brews (who knew?) and provided translation during all of the hilarious speeches.

Me and my girl, Marilyn.  I kept making her do that face.  She lost her initial enthusiasm with me towards the end of the night.

Not sure what these gals were dressed as but dude went as Howard Stern.  Funny.

This is me, saying a prayer for the priest.  Too much??

Karaoke is truly a universal love.

Made a new friend and fellow hoops wife, Dee.  Good people.

Back sweat in full affect.  No judgement, though.  I see it as an indicator of a person's "go-hard-ness".

Borat was my favorite.  Bold move, buddy.


  1. The most classic Pfau face ever on the picture of the microbrew Castro guy; it warmed my little black heart...

  2. U are the best B-Ball wife . I truly enjoyed your time spent with me and the family . I can't wait to have part 2 of party time in Sopot. Peace and Love
    Reese Family

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