Saturday, November 26, 2011

This Duck flew East for the winter...

Just because we're across the pond does not mean that we've forgotten the importance of this day.  Had you bumped into me at the market this morning, you would have thought I was either A) completely nuts B) green with envy C) dressed up a month late as Kermit the frog or D) (had you heard of the great land of DUCK NATION) you would have known it's CIVIL WAR DAY BABY!

I'm in the process of preparing our Poland-style tailgate.  Shockingly, no Polish dogs.  Already sick of 'em, if you can believe it.  Wings are in the oven, chips and dips have been poured into bowls and some frosty Budweiser Originals are coolin down in the ice box.

More pictures to come once Michael gets home from practice and it's game on!!  GOoOoOOOOoooo Ducks!

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