Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Where are we?

I was going to play it cool and wait until tomorrow to add another post...

BUT it's only 11PM here and we're about 2 hours from lights out.  Oh, that is one thing I should mention upfront.  We stay up super late here.  It is not unusual for me to hit the hay around 2AM, with my wake-up call (AKA the sound of Michael coming home from morning practice) not sounding until noon or later.  So don't be alarmed if most of my posts show up during what-should-be "last call" hours.  I haven't turned into an insomniac and I won't always be belligerently blogging.  I've just adjusted my sleep schedule for the time being.

Ok then, where were we?  Oh that's right!  Where are we?  So below is a map of Europe.  Poland is bigger than you would have thought, huh?  I've yet to venture East of Poland but have hit up a few of the countries to our left.  For those of you who might not know, this is my 4th year living in Poland (Michael's 5th).  The only other country I've lived in over here is Israel, which is just below Turkey (not pictured).

We've lived all over Poland but this year Mike's playing in my favorite city to date, Gdynia.  Gdynia is part of a trio of towns, known around Poland as the "Three Cities".  Sopot (a resort-style town) is a mere 10 minute drive with Gdansk (the largest of the 3) another 10 minutes out.  Each city sits along the Baltic Sea, located in the Northern/Central part of the country (see map below).

Having only been here a couple of weeks, I truly haven't gotten out that much to explore.  That's all about to change over the next few days though.  Michael hits the road tomorrow and my Thanksgiving plans involve grabbing a map of my own, lacing up my Dora-style explorin' shoes and seeing this place on foot!  Just wish I had a little monkey friend to tag along.

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