Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Under the boardwalk, boardwalk!

Mike didn't have practice until 7pm yesterday so we slept in (of course) and decided upon a rare lunch outing.  Typically he gets back from his morning practice around 1pm and the afternoon is spent lazying (spellcheck didn't correct me on this one, so I'm going with it) around the apartment, but with a shift in the schedule we took the opportunity to get out during the day.  As great as Gdynia is, I am really falling in love with Sopot.  I can only imagine what this little resort town is like during the summer months!  One day, I'd love to come back to Poland in like July, August.  It's supposed to be gorgeous and the little ghost towns we often reside in during the winter months turn into bustling cities.

We grabbed a delicious lunch at a new little spot.  Michael had chicken, sun-dried tomato and truffle pasta.  I had a delectable salmon salad.  No, I did not snap any pix of our food.  After eating close to 100 meals out in Honolulu and being completely annoyed by the Asian tourists spending 30 minutes on their cheeseburger photo shoots, I try to avoid getting my camera out in restaurants.

Afterwards we had time for a quick stroll on the boardwalk, snapped a couple of pix and headed home. Nothing too terribly exciting, but a lovely little afternoon none the less.


  1. BTW, this is Amy and I have NO idea why my name is coming up as "Magoo." I'm going to go with it though.

  2. Mr. Magoo, I mean Amy! :) Love that you're reading. You even made the blog, just 2 weeks in! Mark my words, within 6 months, you...will...be...famous...