Thursday, March 22, 2012

Be our guests!

This month we were fortunate enough to have visitors all the way from the US of A.  The two CJs boarded their plane in PDX and after 4 connections and a full day of travel, they touched down in Gdansk for 2 weeks of European living with the Kueblers.

I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it felt to hug my sister for the first time in months.  

I'm not sure why, but I can't quite put our travel experiences into words.  Our schedule looked like this...

- 3 days in Poland (including 1 home game and some sight-seeing in Gdansk and Sopot)

- 3 days in Prague (my girlfriends from last season were able to meet us there for the first night - amazingly fun times; Michael couldn't make the trip - they unfortunately had an away game in Russia)

- 2 days in Berlin (just the CJs)

- 4 days in Poland (more sight-seeing, another home game, our very first Euro soccer game, birthday celebrations)

Expect some good stories and more candid photos in the near future.  For now, enjoy a few snap-shots of our travels.

Arrrr!  Drinks on a pirate ship. 

At one point we thought we had set sail. 

Day 2 of sister love.  I swear, I could have taken a thousand pictures. 

Polish Mexican food is questionable. 

I believe this was one of Michael's "nap-ternoons".  Lunch at a decent burger joint in Gdansk. 

Mind the gap in Prague with my OR and ZGO crew. 

We had just watched the video and made donations the previous night. 

I believe this is me being proud of my crew - and a bit tipsy perhaps. 

Prague-nosis?  The Pfaus do well in CZ. 

Lunch at a really cool cafe next to the giant clock tower. 

Rainy day Oregon shot but I swear it was 65 degrees. 

Cool shot.  Sub par text. 

Prague at dusk from a neighboring hillside. 

Took the tram up to the highest peak for the ultimate view. 

Lobby shot at Miss Sophie's - highly recommend this place to anyone visiting Prague. 

Portland artists representing across the globe, baby! 

A fantastic home game win - the second in the CJs two week stay. 

Riding dirty in the mini-van we bummed for their visit. 

Last day - weather couldn't have been better.  Warm enough for a picnic on the beach. 

Just your usual "dude piss" in the middle of a crowded beach. 

CJ post "polar bear swim".  Didn't so much a shiver in the following hour. 

Good ol' fashion sister playground fun.

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  1. I love your blog Chelsie. You tell stories like no one else. I enjoy seeing all your adventures.

    Kourtney Linebaugh (previously a Latham)