Monday, March 19, 2012

Would you rather?

So I kind of hate to admit it, but I have a reputation for being the instigator of some gnarly games of "Would you rather?".  I've been known to gross out grown men with my WYR inquiries.  Something about a feminine napkin being used inappropriately versus 7 minutes in heaven with a not so attractive South Salem Spanish instructor comes to mind.  Gross.

Anyway, I know that I promised a post or two about the 2 weeks spent with our visitors from home, but Michael has my computer (along with it, all my photos) and the tales I want to share absolutely need illustrations.

Therefore, I used the last half of my run today to think about "toss-up" scenarios - would you rather-type situations, that I reeeeally had to ponder prior to coming up with an answer.  Below are some of the things I wondered about and my correlating responses.  I am curious as to how many of you out there will lean the same way as I did when it comes to the following...

Rolling Stones or The Beatles?
        Although the Beatles Love show in Vegas was a life-altering experience, I've just gotta go with the Stones on this one.

Wine or cocktails?
        Vino, 9 times out of 10.

Probably my favorite wine ever - a 1996 Marilyn Merlot given to us as a wedding gift from the Closes

1 hour in traffic or 2 hours on back-roads?
        I know Aaron Jones feels me on this one.  An extended commute on country roads trumps a direct route in the thick of it ANY AND EVERY TIME!

Mexico or Hawaii?

Perhaps our favorite place on earth

New Years Eve or 4th of July?
        For some reason, New Years Eve fails me more often than not - while the day of the red, white and blue has yet to disappoint.

Last 4th at the waterfront with the girls

Never having to work or having a job that you love, but requires 50 hours a week?
        I realize that I'm answering this at a time when I don't have to wake up with an alarm, but I still think that given the choice, I'd rather be the working type.

A trip to the moon or a 1 month stay on each continent?
        Space freaks me out.  But I have no interest in spending a month on Antarctica.  Undecided on this one.

A garden or a yard?
        Garden.  Parks have yards of grass for days that you can visit 24/7.  Whole Foods sells basil for $4 a leaf.  You do the math.

A pool or a pool table?
        While I pride myself on being a bit of a pool shark, I've always dreamed of having a pool.  And I have to say, Michael would make a pretty sexy pool boy.

Drinks in tote?  Yes, please.

January Jones' face or Christina Hendrick's bod?
        This one's tough because Christina's face aint half bad either.  Since my underwear drawer has been filled (pun) with DDs since 1999, I'd have to take the "grass is greener" approach and go with Betty Draper's stunning baby blues.

2 of Mad Men's finest

Vacation home for a month in the summer or 2 weeks to travel anywhere in the world?
        Vacation home - as long as it was in the warm summer months and big enough to house a dozen or so guests at one time.

Guiltiest pleasure - Basketball Wives or Real Housewives?
        Love the variation that the multiple cities provide in RHW but Basketball Wives feels closer to home, therefore it takes the cake.

Killer dance moves or a voice like a songbird?
        I am overly confident in both of these areas.  I'd love to have a voice like Florence Welch, so songbird voice wins.

I mean, Kenna and Suzie seem to be loving my sweet moves

Six pack abs or a case of fine wines delivered on the 1st of every month?
        Fine wines, baby!  Do most dudes even find a "lady-pack" attractive anyway???

A luxury 1 bedroom apartment or a 1990s styled 3 bedroom condo?
        I'm quickly discovering that I need the space.  

Waking up with perfect make-up or perfect hair?
        As long as the Kardashians keep a slicked back bun in style, I'd take an effortlessly make-uped face anyday.

A child at 16 or being childless for life?
        16 and pregnant.

Unlimited iTunes purchases or a free pass to your local movie theater?
        I am consistently disappointed by movies.  Music never, ever lets me down.

The entertaining and cooking skills of Ina Garten or the waist of Giada de laurentiis?
        The housewife in me wants to say the cooking skills of Ina but the housewife who is married to a hot and deserving dude also wants to say Giada.  Shoot, I have to be a little vein here and say Giada.  That's embarrassing.

1 pair of Jimmy Choos or 10 pair of Nikes?
        Confession - I've never spent more than $75 on shoes.  That's not even a lie.  For once, I'd love to treat myself to a pair of shoes that cost more than my cable bill.

I'll take all 3


  1. You seriously crack me up! Can't wait to read about your adventures with the CJ's. :-)

    xox, Schmades

  2. Great writing Fau Pfau, so creative! And yes, country roads every time. We miss ya.-A

  3. This was so tame, I had to go back through and see if you really wrote it. Love it and I'd have to say...
    2 hr back road
    Hawaii (sort afraid of getting maimed by the drug cartels.
    Job I love.
    1 mo. stay
    Betty's blues and blond (just for a week).
    2 weeks anywhere.
    Real Housewives.
    Wine. (sensing a theme here...)
    Perfect Make up
    16 and prego.
    Choo Shoe.