Friday, March 2, 2012

Houseguests; The "dress rehearsal"

Last weekend couldn't have been more amazing.  I laughed harder, danced fiercer and chatted more honestly than I had in a long while.  If you were privy to pictures from an entry I posted a few weeks back, you are already familiar with my ladies from Koszalin.  Acrila and her daughter are pals of ours from 2 seasons ago - Dee is a newbie to the AZS team but quick to become a fan favorite.  They were brave and made the 3 hour journey via train to come stay for a couple of nights last weekend.

Can I just say real quick that we've never, really ever, had space other than a spare couch or two to offer up to visitors?  It's so great to actually be able to provide a couple of spare rooms to friends who decide to crash.  This concept gets me anxious to have a house of our own someday soon (please, God!!) and I inevitably digress.  Back to the goods...our weekend!

Like women who have been pent up in a foreign country for far too long, we managed in less than 36 hours (along with help from Michael and a teammate or two) to squeeze in a basketball game, a pizza party at our place, shopping for American health conscious individuals (i.e. Quinoa, tofu patte, etc), lunch at a Chipotle wannabe spot called Burritos (hey, I'm not complaining!), a bottle of my favorite red that I brought from home, a bottle of Belvedere that we picked up at Tesco, a night dancing to early 2000 jams such as tunes from the infamous album pictured below...

Not to mention other songs that brought back hilarious memories from high school - I think for all of us.  Mom, whatever you do, do not click on the link below.  Manzo, Kenna, Katie, Brie or Tara, feel free to listen and jam on back into our Junior year.  This song came on at the club we ended up at.  Best Polish dance club ever?????

All in all, we absolutely loved having company, loved having an awesome little girl to entertain us and decided that they must make the trip up many more times before the season ends.

Here are a few of my favorite pix...

Us gals (and Roy - can you spot him?)

Aila with her old friend Elephant and her new friend Roy.

 Club Ape??

Don't ask questions - just snap photo.

I finally wised up and started bringing my own jar of green olives to the bar.  Vodka on ice, mixed with my purse concoction = Dirty Martinis galore.

No doubt about it, we know how to work the club scene.

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  1. Dude! Wtf?
    Junior year ehh? Seems like you might have forgotten someone...