Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ode to Birky

Somehow I managed to leave out a key individual when referencing our junior year rap scene in yesterday's post.  This also happens to be my one friend that actually reads my blog on a regular basis.  Chelsie on Chelsea shaft - a big no no in my book.

So in order to rectify things I thought I would dedicate a few lines to one of the most fabulous and strikingly beautiful mothers around.  This lady has two amazing daughters and runs her fine house in a seemingly effortless fashion (I'm sure she'd say it's no easy task but I'm telling you, she makes it look easy).  She's wonderfully creative, laugh out loud funny and inspiring to the nth degree.

After what some might refer to as a "haircut mishap" in middle school, Chels decided rather than throw in the pixie towel and stay long forever, she'd get back on the horse and attempt to rock a sassy short look.

In my opinion, no one on this entire planet could make it look better.  Love you, Birks.  Keep raising the bar for us.


  1. I'm back baby!!!! This has made my whole week:) Chelsea on Chelsie: there's never been a more open, welcoming, funny, conciensious, and spontaneous girl i know here in the states or Europe. I don't know that many Europeans but I'm hoping to prove my theory next month in Italy. I love you have fun with Carlos and Charlie (my new nickname for them)!