Friday, December 9, 2011

Missing Maggie

I think most folks living abroad would agree that spending the holidays on the other side of the globe make us miss our friends and family back home more than ever!  The fact that our loved ones will soon be gathering for a white elephant exchange and I'm not there to wrap up a pair of Ken Pfau's Big Dog hammer pants as a "gift" saddens me to no end.

big dogs lounge pants
"Shhh.  That's the sound of nobody caring what you think!"  Read it and literally, weep.

Knowing I have the hands down BEST ugly Christmas sweater and not being able to wear it amongst friends is painful.  Hearing stories about coworkers having one too many at the company party and not being able to witness said sh*t show with my own eyes is disappointing, to say the least.

Though, despite seeing pictures of festivities from the States causes an initial gouge to the heart, it is quickly transformed into a lovely feeling of "home".  Long story short, keep posting to facebook, friends!  It keeps me in prime Buddy form and helps deter the Grinch mood from creepin' in.

Today my mom emailed me a picture of our dog Maggie (AKA Mag, Mag-pie, Magnadoodle, Jennifer Magniston, Trags) lounging by the tree.  Are you kidding me?  Is there a more adorable K9 on this entire planet???

I was quickly whisked away to the great town of Salem, Oregon.  My soul sitting right next to our fluffy golden retriever, staring up at the lights and asking my mom if she felt like making me a sandwich.

While I still have every intention of dedicating future posts to more "human" favorites of mine, I think I'll reserve the next 12 inches of screen for the galaxy's most amazing pet, Maggie.  Dearest pups, while I realize you A) don't speak English, so you certainly can't read English and 2) have taken a stern stance against blogging, hopefully you'll find a way to enjoy your "Ode to Maggie" post and know how much I miss you!

Little Maggie-girl, just a couple of months old.

Helping sister open up her first salon!

Hangin out with Dad.  Trust me, he enjoys this even more than she does.

Trying her hardest to guard Michael.  

Her best attempt at a Santa beard.

Christmas 2010.  I think she sensed we'd be leaving the next day.

There's no time for pictures, can't you see I'm ready to play ball?!?

Mag and her girlfriend, Ellen.

Mag, going casual on our wedding day.

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