Thursday, December 1, 2011

You win some, you lose some...

And tonight, we lost some.  Just a brutal loss - at home, I might add.  This makes the team's 5th straight L in the books, I believe.  The only way I'm going to be a cheery, supportive gal to my man is if I can find a way to lift my own spirits.  Gosh, if only I knew how to instantly improve my mood...

How about, pictures of me and my friends rollerblading and doing other crazy stuff on wheels?!?!  Shit, it can't hurt!

Lace those blades up, guys!

Sweet move, PJ!
Bunny ears are hilarious!  Also, cool move, Elle.
Holy muscles, Cam.  Yikes.  Also, sweet vest.
This was an epic trip.  2.7 miles...on blades...2 cases in hand...she's amazing folks! tasting...enough said.
Gosh, he's such a good sport.  And this was for HIS birthday.  Surrrpriiiiiise!

Maybe my favorite.  The first ever Bar Blade. 

This last one shouldn't really count, but if you take into consideration that the car has wheels...mostly, I just wanted to add it in.  Such great memories.  Dang, I feel better already!

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