Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wait, what?! Wednesday

Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  Wait, what?!?  This is really all I can come up with at the moment.  That...and...


Michael just got the OFFICIAL good word!  This is nuts.  Like Nutcracker nuts!  We're used to practice on Christmas Eve, for crying out loud!  But not this year, my friends!! 

I packed my bags 7 weeks ago thinking I wouldn't get to play ball with my pups, have beers with my friends or drive my silky girl, Sadie (obviously, not in that order) for a solid 8 months!  Polish teams rarely get the holidays off and I had no intention of coming back to the States without Michael.  I knew my family had plans to visit in the spring, but still!  I left thinking that he would be the only slice of "home" I'd get to savor for quite some time.

But oh boy, was I mistaken!  In T minus 8 days, we should be taking in our first deep breath of Northwest air in months (dang, 4 whole months for Michael).  Though our time will be limited for sure, we plan to make the most of every second.  I am contemplating extending my trip by a week or so, as Mike has 2 away games scheduled  the week that we'd return.  Choosing between sitting by myself in Poland or spending New Years with my favorite Oregonians doesn't seem like a tough one, does it?  I don't like the thought of ringing in the New Year without him, but I'm leaning towards taking one for the team (wink) and staying a tad bit longer.

Anyway, that's my Wait, what?! Wednesday for you.  Life is full of surprises.  Shoot, this is just shy of a Christmas miracle!

In honor of this news, I planned on posting a corny video of my nearly-least-favorite holiday tune, "Christmas in the Northwest" ("I Want a Hippopotamus" takes gold in this category) but in the process of scouring YouTube, I came across this gem.  I'd like to confuse you all with this fitting, yet uncomfortable video of Sanjaya and some blonde kid, singing about Christmas...and being Sanjaya.  WHAT the heck is going on here???  Also, check in at the 1 minute 14 second mark...pretty, pretty, pretty sure he calls him Sangina.

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